Creating Habitual Health:Breakthrough Session

1 hour telephonic coaching session.  Discovery session to find out what is stopping you from having the health that you want, and which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your body down.  You will end with some valuable information, action steps, and a direction to go in next, even if that's not working with me.  Test out health coaching and see if it's for you!  


$75 investment.

Creating Habitual Health:90-Day Program

12 - 60 min telephonic coaching sessions weekly over a 90 day period.  We will set up conditions for inevitable success, find which foods are right for your body and when to consume them, & much more!  Some of the program focus areas include Weight Loss, Stress, Infertility, Diabetes, Digestion, Brain & Mood, Adrenal Health, Thyroid Health, Emotional Eating, Autoimmune Conditions, Hormone Imbalance and Heart Disease. Mini packages may also be available depending on the topic.

The most surprising program that is available seems to be Infertility.  This is a specifically designed program created by a collaboration between the Health Coach Institute and Dr. Stephanie Daniel.  She worked with the experts at HCI to develop her Drug Free Fertility program into a 90-Day program enhanced with the support/system/accountability of health coaching.  This program is perfect for those who want to do everything in their power to naturally create the optimal environment for conception.  No shots, no drugs, no procedures.  The focus is on nutrition, gentle exercise, and very importantly - stress management to create balanced hormones and decreased inflammation.   Contact me for more details if you have any questions!

The 14-Day Reset Cleanse

Shed excess weight, boost energy, decrease unhealthy cravings, improve digestion, discover food sensitivities, create healthy habits and more! Program and coaching is included.  Groups every other month or by request. This is a natural cleanse so no powders or products to buy.  The only added expense is the purchase of your food from the grocery store.  The first 2 days are prep days, followed by 7 days of  the cleanse and 5 days of reintroduction of gluten and dairy.  You can join a scheduled group but adjust your start date as needed.  


$75 investment.

The Struggle Is Real Workshop: Secret Super Powers to Deal With Worry, Stress and Drama For Kids

Kids learn how the brain and body react to stress in a fun way, mindfulness and breathing skills  are taught as coping tools, as well as helpful communication  and listening skills.  2  hr session, individual or groups.  Geared for ages 6-10.  $75 for 1 child, $100 for a family (up to 3 children) $25 for each additional child.

Snap Out Of It Workshop: Tactics for Tweens and Teens Coping With Pressure, Stress and Drama

Tweens and teens  learn how the brain and body react to stress and pressure, mindfulness and breathing skills are taught as coping tools, as well as helpful peer communication and listening skills. This workshop focuses more on peer interactions on the middle school and high school levels.  2  hr session, individual or groups.

$75 for 1 child, $100 for a family (up to 3 children) $25 for each additional child.

Better Me, Better Life Workshop/Coaching 

Feel better, have less stress, manage family & life better, improve mood, even possibly lose lbs! Workshop & online group are both a $75 investment.  Mini package is $300 for 4 hrs of customized coaching.  

I am always willing to customize programs or workshops, so if you have something in mind, don't hesitate to ask!


Health Coaching Services
Health Coaching Services
Health Coaching Services
Health Coaching Services