School Services

Staff Presentations

Customized presentations to address the growing need for stress management and mindfulness in the classroom.  Presentations include instructing the teachers and administrators how to handle their own stress at work with very simple tools. They are also taught how to apply simple tools in the classroom and with students individually to reduce stress and anxiety. Effective communication is a large piece of this puzzle!  The simple strategies and information provided can greatly change the course of difficult interactions with students, parents, and co-workers.  

All presentations can be customized to meet your needs.  Cost varies depending on level of customization, presentation length, and travel.

1 hour presentations start at $250.

Programs for Students

I can work with administrators to create additional programs to be delivered in the classroom, or can provide a "train the trainer" approach.  Students would learn about stress and anxiety from a basic and fun physiological perspective which provides the foundation.  Children need to understand where these things come from before they can understand how to correct them.  Most importantly they learn that it isn't their fault!  I can then address tools to manage stress and anxiety both in and out of the classroom with the main focus being on mindfulness.  Effective communication is also key for the children to learn and I include dealing with peers at an age appropriate level when doing so.  


Cost varies depending on customization of programs, travel, and level of commitment for delivery.

There is no charge for a one time consultation.