Reducing Toxic Products

It is believed that women apply over 500 chemicals to their body every day.  Men are said to apply less, however, still concerning. Not sure if you fall into this category? Take just 5 products you use on a daily basis and make a running list of all of the ingredients they contain.  How many unique chemicals are on that list?  A lot, huh? I would bet my first born that the amount of exposure to the same chemicals across products is rather high as well.

We need to start paying attention to this because at the moment our government is not doing it's part to protect us from harmful exposure.  Legislation for toxic ingredients hasn't been significantly updated since 1938.  As a point of reference this was before computers, color tv and the microwave.  The United States has fallen far behind others, such as Europe and Canada, when it comes to protecting the public from chemical exposure. 


"The EU law  bans 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics that are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm or birth defects.  In comparison, the U.S. FDA has only banned or restricted 11 chemicals from cosmetics. Unlike the United States, EU law requires pre-market safety assessments of cosmetics, mandatory registration of cosmetic products, government authorization for the use of nanomaterials and prohibits animal testing for cosmetic purposes."


I personally could no longer ignore the risks to myself and my family after I became informed.  My daughters are young and having the knowledge that hormone disruptors are present in everything they put on their skin, the body's largest organ, was scary.  I worry about their development, future reproductive consequences, cancer risk and emotional health.  My first step was to tackle products used daily.  If it was something that we slather on our skin on a daily basis, I had to choose a healthier option.  For myself that included make-up, but for my family it was hand soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner.  If you take no other measures, just making these changes can significantly cut down toxin exposure.  

Often I am asked what products are good to use for people who are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals they expose themselves and their families to. 

Below I have provided information for brands that offer quality products, with a consultant that can help you with each.  

Small changes can yield big results!  

 Beautycounter (Cosmetics and Skin Products)

"Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. Decades of studies indicate that serious health issues are on the rise, due in some part to our ongoing exposure to toxic chemicals. We deserve better. It’s time for a change, and at Beautycounter, we’re doing something about it. We’ve banned more than 1,500 ingredients, setting a new health and safety standard—all while ensuring our products are effective, and indulgent as any luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil on the market. Our motto: Beautiful products, made safe."


         PureHaven (Skin and Beauty Products)

"We adhere to a strict, six-step ingredient sourcing procedure and manufacture our products in our very own USDA Certified Organic facility in small batches so they are always fresh.  Our products are 100% free of toxins. guaranteed."



                   Norwex (Cleaning Products)

"From our flagship microfiber to our superior cleaning products and sustainability solutions, our innovative products provide real solutions that work.  Our safe cleaning and personal care products reduce chemicals such as parabens, phthalates and carcinogens in the home, improving quality of life for generations to come.  With products to help reduce waste from everyday things like paper towels and plastic wrap, Norwex allows families everywhere to live more sustainably."