Health coaching addresses the underlying reasons why people don't do what they are supposed to do, what they know they should do, but they just don't follow through.

As a Health Coach, I am a master of habit change.  Habit change is rewiring the brain patterns and thought patterns, and therefore behavior, sustained motivation and follow through.  This is the space where the real problem is solved.  This doesn't mean that the assessment is not important, or that the action steps aren't important, but they don't mean anything if we haven't gotten the rewiring, the sustained motivation and the follow through.


I focus on the big five which are the big areas of your life that reflect back to you whether you're in alignment you truly are, or not.  These areas are health, money, love and relationships, career, and your connection to something greater.  Why is this important?? Because how you do one thing is how you do everything.  When one of the big five is out of whack, another area will be out of whack too.  You can't put health in a box.  It isn't separate from love, money, or spirituality.  This is often where other programs fall short.  Working with a health coach is truly a lifestyle change and not a quick fix for one specific thing that won't be sustainable.  The best part is that most clients walk away with way more than they were looking for when they first contacted me.