My corporate offerings can be customized to fit any workplace. Contact me with your needs and visions and we can discuss designing the perfect program or presentation. If you are looking to get a presentation on the schedule quickly, choose from one of my ready-to-go presentations listed below.




Option 1: How To Kick The Sugar Habit

1 hour presentation that discusses what sugar does in your body, why we start and can’t stop and how to transform sugar cravings to kick the habit for good.  $250 investment.


Option 2: How To Create Habitual Health

1 hour presentation that discusses ways to have more energy, be more focused, productive and innovative.  Improve overall health and mental wellness using specific strategies in nutrition, stress management and movement/exercise. $250 investment.


Option 3: How To Take Control  Of Stress And Improve Health

1 hour presentation that discusses how our brains process and react to stress, what to do about it, and effective stress management tools that can be used anywhere anytime. $250 investment.

Option 4:  Simple, Realistic, and Effective Tools To Improve Health and Quality of Life For The Busy Professional

90 minute presentation that provides simple health tips about stress, nutrition, and exercise that can be applied to even the busiest of lives.  Simple changes can yield big results!  This is the most popular presentation requested and the response has been very positive.  $300 investment.

Programs may be customized to the needs of your employees, based on risk factors, corporate environment, general morale, and overall interest. Investment rates vary on level of customization, duration of programming, and travel time.