B.S. in Health Management Systems with a Psychology minor, Certified Health Coach, Certifications from Mindful Schools in Mindfulness Fundamentals and Mindfulness Communication.

I am a certified health coach who empowers individuals to have the health and quality of life they deserve.  I’m a graduate of Duquesne University and have certifications from the Health Coach Institute and Mindful Schools. 


Founder of Habitual Health By Jill. 


I have had the pleasure of working in the field of preventive health for 15+ years including public health programs, corporate wellness programs, The Dr. Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease, and as a Wellness Consultant. 


My passion is working directly with individuals to help them improve their QUALITY of life. That developed over many years of working in disease prevention combined with personal experience.  My philosophy is that we can't control the quantity of time we have on this earth, but we can control the quality of life we have while we are here.  Everyone deserves to live their best life with the least resistance, and I can guide you through the process to achieve it.  

My own life experiences have been invaluable in getting me to where I am today.  I was and still am my own client. I put my skills to work so I could have a better quality of life and I am learning and growing in this area more and more every day. I am so thankful that I decided to take action and it helps me relate to my clients on a personal level.  


I have been working with adults and children to help them understand and improve interpersonal communications, which seem to be a main source of stress for all.  As a Health Coach, I cover a variety of topics such as nutrition, stress, exercise/movement, and relationships as to address all aspects of lifestyle. 


Habit change is the root of all health coaching and this is taught through small, manageable steps.